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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a pack of thieves has robbed a student. >> i think it's because they don't know him. >> the mayor's wife addresses rumors about the couple's marriage and how the rumors have affected family and campaign. how did a man fixing a pipe end up buried up to his next? hello, i'm bruce johnson and thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news in the district. there has been a drive-by in northeast. three people including two teens have been shot. one of the teenagers believed to be seriously wounded. other teen was struck in the foot. witness says several people were in the area of 53 and clay streets when shots were fired. prince george's county police are investigating a rash of strong armed robberies tonight. victims all university of maryland student being mugged by several people. walking at night in a group no guarantee that you will be safe. >> it's scary. it really is. it's something you have to keep
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an eye out for. the muggings are putting some students on edge. last friday three umd students getting into a car at this hotel at baltimore avenue and berwyn road are attacked by three suspects. >> very scary knowing it's that close to home and it happens more often this semester than in the past. two days later five crooks jumped three students at a bus stop. and a week later this past saturday morning a student walking on hartwalk and princeton avenue is approached by four suspects. they steal money and run. >> frightening as a young female. >> all the crimes happened between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. also close to where christopher wallace is moving in today. >> it concerns me. there is no doubt it doesn't. i just accept it as a fact of life. >> the emergency blue boxes can't be everywhere. but students get text alert messages on cell phones. oftentimes moments after the incidents happenedded. at 2:00 in the morning i
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had an e-mail at 2:10. prince george's county police have not said if the three muggings are connected but the suspect descriptions are similar with varying numbers suspects between three to five in each case happening within a mile of each other in a week's time. in college park, maryland, 9 news now. tonight prince george's county police are urging students to avoid traveling alone and report suspicious activity to police immediately. turning to our phony campaign brochure service in prince george's county, discovery comes before days of the primary election. phony brochures falsely imply some candidates are endorsed by state and local leaders. handoffs claiming to guides were printed. angelo broke running for prince george's county states attorney say voters are being misled by fake voting guides. my name is appearing on
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this. >> and this is the ballot -- this is fraudulent ballot and it has senator muse's face on it but he does not endorse the persons who are inside of this ballot. >> key now is to track down who did it. make sure they are publicly exposed for trying to put this fraud over on the public. maryland attorney general says his office will investigate complaints about the deceptive campaign literature and says appropriate action will be taken against perpetrators. two leading candidates for d.c. mayor have agreed to sit down with 9 news now for exclusive interviews in their homes. we begin with mayor fenty and his wife michelle. i talked with the couple this afternoon. most of the interview will air tomorrow night at 11:00. but rlier the couple talked about the mayor's loss of support in african-american community. and tonight michelle fenty addresses for the first time rumors about her marriage and how they have hurt her family and the campaign.
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>> everything that he has ever done is for his community. >> that was michelle fenny late last week as she was pulled into her husband's interview. and his response, well, you may not like me but i'm getting results ins 40-year-old mother of three had been invisible on the public campaign stage. mayor adrian fenty was being pummeled by critics and the pollster. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn. >> absolutely. it's painful. >> and the fenty home where many say it's a democratic primary will be decided, michelle fepty a lawyer appeared to move front and sentnart campaign. >> but i would like to say something. i would like to say something. when i read the results of the poll it was heartbreaking to think that there were so many people in this city in his city, the city that he was born
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and raised in that feel he is disconnected from the issues ins for the first time michelle fenty addressed unsubstantiated rumors about her 13 year marriage. >> you heard the rumors about the two of you and your relationship. do you want to speak about that? >> i think the manufactured misconceptions and the cruel way that people have made up just the most bizarre things about us is just so -- it's just shocking to me. the cruelty is what's difficult. it's just and that's what i find hard because it affects my children. >> this is your guy. you are behind him 100% and always been there no problems. >> absolutely. >> tomorrow at 11:00 on 9 news now, the full report from my interview from mayor fenty and his wife michelle. counselor chairman vincent grey the front runner leads by 17 points in the "washington post" poll. chairman grey is also agreed to sit down for an interview in
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his home. we will have the interview later this week at 11:00. 6700 voters have taken advantage of the labor day labor day and cast early ballots in the d.c. primary. the primaries will re-open tomorrow as the early voting labor day from 8:30 until 7:00 p.m. officials say the wait in line has not exceeded 15 minutes at any one location but the early voting locations go to our websites, mariners residents can take advantage -- meyers residents can take advantage. voting centers open tomorrow through thursday. hours are 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. go to our website, for a complete breakdown of early voting in maryland. federal investigators tonight have possession of a key piece of evidence in the bp oil spill investigation. they are hoping the blowout preventker provide answers what went wrong on the deep water horizon. last april a methane gas bubble escaped from the underwater
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well and exploded on the rick. blowout preventer did not respond to the disaster as officials hoped and 11 workers lost their lives. we need to find out not only for them and their memories but for the industry because i know they would want it no other way. >> it took workers 30 hours to raise the blowout preventer from the ocean floor. device will be taken to a nasa facility in atlanta to examine what could have gone wrong. the two-year-old boy was pulled from a swimming pool in anne arundel county but not in time to save his life. family member made the rescue in pasadena, maryland, this morning. boy was pronounced dead at a local hospital and we have no further details tonight. seven people are safe recovering after spending 20 hours on 9 water off the coast of south carolina. boat started sinking saturday about 30 miles southeast of charleston. early this morning the coast guard rescued four adults and three children from the 38 foot power vessel. the wife of the boat owner had
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contacted the coast guard when the group failed to return from their outing. many headed out of town this labor day weekend, those of us who had to stay behind were being rewarded with a perfect september evening. a-- a report that big crowds at several popular outdoor locations tonight. where are you? >> reporter: i'm out here right behind the lynncap memorialcap there -- lincoln memorial and there are still folks all around the national mall that are enjoying a spectacular evening. it was a gorgeous sunday night on the mall. and for a change locals outnumbered the tourists. >> we never thought it would be less than 90-degrees one day. it's beautiful. loving it. so we came out. we came and walked around at sunset and it's beautiful. somebody tried to give us a tour like we were tourists. we know everything. thanks. >> we live in alexandria. >> really? you decided to come out and enjoy? >> oh, yes, and enjoy the weather. for people of all ages,
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welcome taste of fall after a cruel summer. >> it was a cool night for young screamers and dreamers. >> my daughter's birthday party. want to meet her? who is the birthday girl? happy birthday from channel 9! >> and also a night for starry eyed young lovers and heroes. >> i'm a wpu. wiewppeded warrior program. i got medivaced from afghanistan. >> weather now is a lot better than afghanistan. >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> keep enjoying your weekend. and thank you for the job you have done for our country. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: so that's little bit of taste of what's been going on all evening out here on the national mall. and bruce, i have one request for devin. can we get a repeat tomorrow? back to you. you had too much fun with that story but thanks anyway. well, so the called black widow of eating contests she
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has done it again. sonja thomas age 180 chicken wings in 12 minutes. small person. set a record in buffalo today. the 43-year-old alexandria, virginia, resident still hungry after the contest. she ate another 20 hot wings. still ahead on 9 news now on this sunday night, how to protect your valuable possessions and luggage while rushing through the airport. and a frightening fall for a friend at one labor day party this weekend. that story is next. to answer armando's question, i think we will have a repeat performance tomorrow. a little warmer by afternoon. let's start with our wake up weather. take a look at the temperatures. 40s and 50s. we will warm up quickly. if there is a downside today, we have ragweed through the roof. and your forecast coming up.
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frightening moment for family and friends at a labor day party in philadelphia when a deck collapsed. fell about 20 feet. witnesses say it just buckled under the weight of everybody on it. >> frightening. frightening just to see your family, you know, between a roof like that. >> somebody could have gotten killed. scary. >> in my mind i went like what the heck is going on.
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>> i don't want to go on a deck for awhile thafer. >> we was blessed. we was blessed. >> doesn't seem like we get a story like this every holiday. let's everybody check the backyard deck. 18 people were taken to the hospital. we are told that everybody is okay. special consumer alert tonight for anybody traveling this labor day holiday. you arrive at the airport with your bags packed. if you aren't careful somebody else might take off with what's inside before you notice. leslie foster discovered, each year scores of unsuspecting travelers land at their destination with a lightened load. >> i feel violated. bowl. >> new normal for airline security can make flying a challenge. >> i can take this bottle of liquid through the security checkpoint? do i have to take my belt off. they get distracted and unfortunately makes them a possible target for thieves. >> thieves who canvas checked and carry-on luggage waiting to
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steal your possessions this grab whatever they can. >> prince george's county firefighter says he saw airline staff tape up his carry on, pack wad dvd player, movies and gift in plastic and cart it to the plane. >> and when it came out at national, it was like this. >> unseal and empty. 500-dollars worth of valuables stolen from his bag. >> i was irate. >> happens in security checkpoints while waiting to get on the plane and on the plane itself. >> that reports from reagan nationals and dulles laptops lead the list of stolen items. bwi marshal -- marshall airport -- and according to data from all three airports, bags, jewelry, cash and small electronic were prize pickings for crooks. whether they were checked or not. >> medical devices, fur coat, law enforcement badges and
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firearms made the list of items reported stolen. let's put this in perspective. wwi marshall that number represents 3,000th of 1% of passengers that travel during that period. to help curb this brazen behavior, security chief says use tsa approved locks on your luggage and be aware of your surroundings. leslie foster, 9 news now. and chief says you don't do this. leave your bag out of your direct line of sight while you check in or wait too long to get your bag after you land. people had their baggage taken from baggage claim. tomorrow if you ever lost anything at the airport, leslie takes us to a place that might have it. most common items you will find there and most bizarre. coming up on 9 news now, tonight's weather. stick around for the holidays tomorrow. and new stamp honoring mother teresa on the anniversary of her death. stay with us. you are watching 9 news now. ♪
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dedicated her life to helping others. shrine of the emaculate conception in northeast washington today worshipers gathered to celebrate a special mass to honor mother teresa on the 13th anniversary of her death. also today the u.s. postal service unveiled mother teresa postage stamp. nun founded missioners of charity in calcutta, india, she was an international advocate for the poor. mother teresa died in 1997. she came through here and it was like the whole town stood still. >> quite a woman. great weather. if there were a couple things i could say about it. i'm a big fan of keeping the highs at 73 and 74. maybe 82. i don't think it's a huge complaint. other side is that ragweed. i will tell you. my nose, eyes, it's been through the roof. besides that we are talking about one of the most incredible days after the
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summer we have been through. let's get to our labor day forecast. here it is. another repeat performance. albeit a touch warmer. again as i said. 2 today. go. 4 tomorrow. we will take it. but we will start off awfully, awfully cold. 84 once again. up to 9 tuesday and we are hitting 90s. we cannot shake 90s from our washington forecast. front will pass through so once we get to 99, it will be short lived. it will break us down we were we should be. mid 40s outer suburbs. downtown upper 50s. there is a huge span in those morning temperatures depenedding on exactly where you live. coolest spots again valleys northwest. and west, manassas areas and places like that. quickly rising through the 50s and into the 60s and then through the 70s quickly labor day and ending up near 80 degrees once again. mid-80s i think for downtown washington. air quality takes a slight dip. code yello. nothing on the satellite or
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even the radar today. it's been picture perfect temperatures and look at this. we are down to 60s everywhere with the exception of reagan national. out there in cumberland you are down to 55. dew point a great measure of how humid it feel wednesday it's 65-70. oppressive humidity. we have been in the 30s and 40- degree dew point today. so very dry air and allowing us to cool down here tonight. really the chilliest temperatures washington west if you are toward the bay and atlantic, waters going to keep you a little warmer tonight. 60s for your lowes there. annapolis and off to the east. warm temperatures moving back labor day afternoon. nothing to speak of. maybe a cloud here or there. mostly sunny skies and south winds pick up as we go into tuesday. start off the workweek might be a touch of humidity back five- day outlook the forecast but it's short lived. we will bring a front through on wednesday and we might put a widely isolated shower storm into the forecast as that front comes through right around mid- day. and chances are you aren't
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going see anything. bring in much cooler temperatures behind in one day. 46 gaitersburg manassas. sterling, ruston, fairfax, burke, vienna. go 48 to 49 for you. 59 arlington, springfield and toward downtown 58 degrees. back off to andrews branny within area lower 50s to mid- 50s. lower to mid-80s tomorrow. coolest spot might end up only a tad below the 80-degree mark. zone forecast bring it into the lower 80s and into the blue ridge and appalachians. oakland out there in the mid- 70s. then toward mid-80s here. washington and then a little bit cooler. the water keeps you cooler during the day and toward the eastern shore. 70 forecast. let's wrap it up. might see an isolated shower or storm wednesday. don't count on it. if i put a percentage on it will be less than 20%. it's a seven days unchock full of dry air and temperatures without the temperatures of warm days tuesday, wednesday. next saturday overnight and
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sunday and the best chance of scattered storms it's so far away it's low chances. >> we could use a little rain. we are still be a normally dry. we have big time droughts officially in effect. >> parts of northern virginia and decent salary is no guarantee you won't end up homeless. tonight zero central, derek introduces us to a program that for a lucky few is providing shelter from the storm. everyone deserves a home. >> if the bresden housing corporation had a slogan that would be it. >> a home is a place to bring your family to share memories. to build a life on. and that's what our folks do here. >> here is in prince william county virginia where brethren housing owns seven properties and a total 613 units. executive director says her clients are just regular folks who need a second chance. people who have been exited
11:24 pm
from their housing. people who are being evicted. people are losing their homes. >> people like 49-year-old demita fry. >> we made a couple of bad financial decision. >> she and her husband and granddaughter moved in here four months ago. >> how much did it mean to you to be in here? >> everything. because my family was separated for aa little while. and it was an opportunity to put my family back together. >> you are looking at five of the 13 units owned by brethren housing. they rent between 500 and $1,000 a month. only qualifications to live here you have to be working and able to maintain yourself and can't make any more than $50,000 a year. >> i think people will be surprised by that. 50 sthd, that sounds like good money. >> well, i guess it could be if you lived in indiana. >> but it doesn't go so far in wealthy prince william county and in these times. >> i always have a waiting list. always. sometimes on my phone on monday
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mornings i may have 10, 14, 15, 20 messages from people in need. >> derek, 9 news now. for more information on this organization and other charities that we are profiling, go to our website, and then click on hero central. that link. coming upic quick look ahead at sports plus. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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check out the hawk ifans in iowa as they shake it about in order to break the hokey pokey world record. officials from the guinness book were there to count participants. more than 7,000 people hope to dance their way to victory. more than enough to beat the old record which was set in toronto back in 2003. almost 4500. >> do you need a world record for everything? i don't know. >> you can't hokey pokey. i bet you can't hand dance. >> i can play football.
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>> get out of here. every weekend. >> something about football. let's talk about redskins. you will like that. redskins fans this time next sunday you will be celebrating an open daig win or throwing away those season tickets in disgust. either way the games will count. good news to start the week. mike shanahan optimistic about donovan mcnabb's availability on his weekly tv show. he said his quarterback is moving in the right direction and we shall see him fully practicing soon. mcnabb injured his ankle against the ravens and hasn't played since. in about five minutes. we will break down what we saw in the pre-season and what it means moving forward. we will look at the cowboys because it's dallas week. and i'm going to get his prediction what's going to happen next sunday night at fed ex field when curtain comes up on 2010. and also on sports plus, maryland and navy renew the state's rivalry is that dormant for a lot of years.
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it's the second time since 1956 that they played also another big one tomorrow, virginia tech hosting boise state and a big one with national title implications. we will hear from the coaches and the players. nats getting a big win thanks to pitcher jason marquee who continues to battle back from surgery. he got the needed support from the offensive side. from the big fella, adam dunn who parked number 34. we will hear from the -- as the nats get a big win. big show coming up. maybe somebody goes down we will get you a tryout. >> i can still run. still run. >> every year. the same thing. >> come back from spring practice and say i can still do it. >> can't hurt yourself. >> cold start to the day but a warm afternoon. i have to throw a shout out to all of the great lifeguards at newport and ruston. i said i would say hi and not only have they dawn great job but the other lifeguards from a
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long hot sum tort pools and lakes and beaches. >> thanks for your hard work. and especialliy the high tides. >> thank you for watching. next 9 news now beginning at 4:25. sports plus with this guy is next. !% @owúúttxññ
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